Our Legacy

Serving the Boston Community for Over 30 Years

Chicken Lou's®  was born in 1990 on Northeastern University's campus, by Lou Ferretti. For over 30 years the tiny shack served sandwiches, breakfast, pizza and wings to hungry students, faculty and the Boston community. Known for many popular menu items, Chicken Lou's® always put their own spin to make the sandwiches truly unique! 


The TKO™, Southwestern TKO™, Secs on the Border™ and TKO Wings™ kept hungry customers coming back daily for more (and sometimes twice a day!) 


Family run by 4 generations of Ferretti's for 30 years, the Ferretti family announced their bittersweet plans for retirement in Fall of 2019. The permanent closure of Chicken Lou's® took place in winter of 2020. 


The Ferretti's were shown an outpouring of love and support upon annoucing retirement. Messages, letters and visitors from across the country stopped by to wish them well.


Lou's son and grandaughters knew the legacy needed to continue and Chicken Lou's Distribution®, LLC was born! 

We are proud to continue the Chicken Lou's® name in a new way and excited to bring our most popular sauces and seasoning salts straight to your door. 


Check out our 'Restaraunt Approved' section for recipes on how to make the most beloved sandwiches served up at the little shack or check out some creative ways to use our products to put a Chicken Lou's® spin on your most traditional dishes in our add flavor section . 


We always love a creative way to use our products, if you have a tried and true recipe, we would love to hear about it! 


Although closing the restaurant was not an easy choice, it paved the way for the Ferretti Family to continue doing what they do best, producing quality products at a quality price. Enjoy!